About us

Plum Loco is the name Bill gave our farmhouse many years ago (as in, “we must have been Plum Loco to buy this place!”). We live on 10 little acres in central Michigan.  We enjoy tending to our little ranch (Plum Loco), reaping the black walnut harvest every fall, grabbing rides on our motorcycles when weather and time permits, and hosting gatherin’s with good food and great friends. We enjoy adventuring out into the world and are very fortunate to (usually) feel happy to return home. We hope you’ll enjoy traveling with us.

About Our Trips

Every Day is an Adventure!

I started doing a travel blog back in 2008 when we took our first big trip together to Alaska. Blogging was a way to keep in touch with friends and family as we traveled. It also became a way for me to keep track of details, memories, tips, and treasured times. Since then we have taken two European adventures, an awesome camping trip in the western United States, and a mind-blowing vacation to Costa Rica. In 2019, I realized a “bucket list” dream to take my three children to Ireland. In 2021 we experienced traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic with a trip to Scotland. In between the big trips are shorter excursions to places within the United States or Canada. Most our big trips were detailed in our blog. That blog has become defunct and we have found ourselves in this location.

Countries and Territories Visited Together

U.S. Virgin Islands, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, United Kingdom, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland, Canada, Costa Rica and the United States.

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