Learning new Tricks

Life is not the Destination; it is the Journey.

In 2008, Bill and I took our first big trip together to Alaska. In an effort to keep our friends and family up-to-date on our adventures I began a travel blog. Every night or morning, I would detail the activities of our day, throw in a couple stories, and add the best pictures from along the way. It was fun to imagine folks reading along and it was our way of staying connected to those we love. I came to eventually realize that blogging also help me keep our memories fresh. It was also often exhausting. The added time at the beginning or end of the day was a challenge to maintain.

I fell out of the habit a few years ago and instead, started jotting notes and reconstructing my memories when we got home. That worked okay until now.

We have a grand adventure coming soon and I decided I’d try to blog again. I no longer seemed to be able to load pictures into the old blog so I have switched to a WordPress format. Hence the “Learning New Tricks” title of this blog. With the help of a kind and patient young man I am venturing into the new territory. I only hope I’ve allowed myself enough time to get the hang of this prior to takeoff!

I will use this blog to share what I hope will be an incredible adventure and may also use it for the ordinary, every day adventures that we share. If you have found your way here – welcome! I will be adding some mundane posts prior to our next excellent adventure just to get used to this format. Stick around long enough and we’ll take you along on the journey!

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