Queen’s View and the $hit Road

While Bill enjoyed a leisurely “wake up” this morning, Sally and I took a stroll through Kenmore.  Aside from the resort it is a fairly small village with a church, cemetery, long disabled telephone booth and a small shopping center.  The bridge across the river Tay is lovely and the ducks are most friendly.  I thought one was going to run Sally right into the water!

Once we were all up and around we headed toward Queen’s View above Loch Tummel.  It was said that when Queen Victoria visited there she thought the people loved her so that they name it after her.  (Apparently, she was not suffering from any want of self esteem.)  It was thought by most historians that it was named after the first wife of Robert the Bruce, Isabella.  It was a great place for photos and though the sun was hit or miss, we took full advantage. 

After a quick refresh back at our lodgings we headed down the single lane road that skirts the south side of Loch Tay.  On the map it appeared to be a very secondary road (“Looks like a shit road” one of my passengers remarked when reviewing the map).  It was a phenomenal journey!  As on many roads we have traveled in Ireland, this road required what I call “collaborative driving”.  Because it was one-lane for miles … but traffic moves in two directions … there were negotiations along the route each time a car was met.  One or both drivers had to back up, pull over, or just close his or her eyes as the oncoming car squeezed past.  It was a true test of good nature.  But the road – oh the road!  In places it was tunneled by over-hanging trees and the stone fences along these sections were moss-covered and mystical.  The road traveled high above Loch Tay and at one point I pulled into a turn off for a spirit lead moment.

Sure enough, just as we nearly turned around and out, I spotted a rainbow.  The rainbow continued to develop as we chased about for pictures, narrowly avoiding the nettles along the path.  The rainbow stretched across a large portion of the lock from east to west and landed right below us.  Really magical.

After we left that special place we continued on the twisted road to the town of Killin and the Falls of Dochart.  We made reservations at the Falls of Dochart Inn and set about to explore.  This was a wonderful place for scampering about.  I sometimes had to remind myself that I am now “a woman of a certain age” and probably shouldn’t be hopping from stone to stone … ah, but what’s the fun in that?  I took lots of pictures here and selecting only several was a challenge.

We enjoyed a delicious meal and then took the “good” road back to our lodgings arriving just before dark.  It was much wider and faster to travel.  But … just for the record … I’d recommend the Shit Road any day.

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