COVID Tests and a Wee Bit of Drunkenness

This morning we were to take our COVID tests in order to return to the USA.  We had purchased a series of tests at $193 each; one to get us into Scotland, one while we were in Scotland, and another to get us back home.  Two of these tests had to be done under video observation.  

I was this first in line this morning for testing.  I logged onto the Azova website and had my Ellume test kit at the ready.  My observer soon joined me and asked me for the code on my testing box.  If this process worked as smoothly as it had for our departure we would all be done and ready to roll in about a half hour.  Ah… but … no.  Turns out that all three of our kits had been recalled.  The company would be happy to mail us new tests.  Yeah, not so much.

View of Edinburgh Castle on the way to the airport

Sally spent some very focused minutes trying to locate another location for testing and soon we were scheduled at the Edinburgh airport.  Did I not just say travel requires the ability to adapt?  We did not return from our testing until after lunchtime.  The stress of the morning was exhausting.

We set out around 2:00 P.M. to explore Princes (not Princess) Street. It was a gloriously sunny – but chilly -day. We snapped some photos – some of the Sir Walter Scott Memorial – and then headed up to Rose Street.

Sally and I ducked into a large, multi-story shopping center while Bill checked in to the Abbotsford Bar & Restaurant.  Once sister Sally and I found our way out of the shopping center (with an escort) we reconnected with Bill – who had already made friends inside.   And that’s pretty much where our day’s adventure ended.

Bill’s new friends were generous and there were several beers on the table even as we sat down.  Our Scottish colleagues were highly entertaining and we visited with them for a great deal of time.  Sally excused herself to go adventuring on her own.  Bill and I continued to enjoyed the largesse of our four friends.  When we finally set off to reconnect with Sally, I was quite thankful for Bill’s arm.  We got back to our lodging and took a nice nap.

After a while, Bill set off in search of food.  He returned with a pizza with something like sausage/pepperoni on one side and vegetables on the other (including corn).  Probably not the most noble way to spend our last night in Edinburgh but yes, that’s what it was.  We’ll make it an early night tonight and head to Culross in the morning.

Pizza with corn

4 thoughts on “COVID Tests and a Wee Bit of Drunkenness

  1. Your Scottish pizza looks delicious! ❤️❤️❤️❤️


  2. I bet you hate to leave! Such a beautiful place, but then, from what I can see from your posts, Plumb Loco is pretty special too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We do enjoy venturing out but are always thankful to come back to our own beds.


  3. A wee bit of drunkenness in Scotland is like a requirement!right? Lol. Thankful for Bill’s arm too! 🤗💕💪

    Liked by 1 person

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